I’m Robert Eckstut. I want to be your #1 choice for Cambridge City Council.

Why I’m Running

As a life coach, I dealt directly with people suffering from problems of all kinds. Many of these problems fell under the umbrella of a personal tragedy, trauma, or relationship. These were issues a life coach could help as they were all individual issues that required individual solutions. What I realized however is that a greater share of problems my clients faced were due to societal issues; these require societal solutions.

I am of the opinion that government should serve the interest of the people. Issues such as limited housing, food insecurity, and institutional racism are problems that face us all as Cambridge citizens, and I believe the best way to deal with these problems is by having a government that addresses the root cause of the problems. I pledge as your city councilor to focus on solutions to these societal issues.

“Changes and progress very rarely are gifts from above. They come out of struggles from below.”

– Noam Chomsky


Robert left college early to pursue a path as a professional poker player. After having written a book, being on TV, and founding a poker training website, Robert had already completed his first career before turning 30.


Robert returned to Lesley University to finish his degree as an adult. Being an adult student enabled Robert to appreciate education and apply it to his already existing world experience. Upon graduating Robert worked as a life coach.


Robert recently worked for the US Census Bureau, where he specifically asked and was assigned to low income housing. Robert got to interview and interact with the people who suffer most from the inequities of our society.


Robert wants to fill the representation gap that presents itself in the city council. Currently the council has an uneven makeup of owners vs. tenants; given Cambridge is made up of 65%+ renters, the city is not being represented socioeconomically.

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