I’m Robert Eckstut, and I hope to serve as your City Councilor!

Robert was one of the best poker players in the world. This culminated in writing the first book of it’s kind, Bobbo’s Bible, which broke down the nuances of “the why” behind poker theory. Although a poker background is not the traditional path to working for the people, there is no better training for city councilor than poker: Poker is entirely about incomplete information, making calculated risks, and understanding the people behind their actions.

Robert hopes to take these skills to public office. Too often decisions by elected officials are cloudy, obscure, and don’t seem to benefit the people who need it most. By being able to formulate the why, Robert will be able to exact the how in office, in order to help people who need it most.

“My path to victory is to talk about the issues that impact the lives of millions of Americans.” -Bernie Sanders

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