Robert has signed onto the Green New Deal Petition, authored by Councilman Quinton Zondervan. (Found here: https://www.cambridgegnd.org/) In short, the petition pushes to collect fees on commercial buildings. This money can then be used to fund energy efficiency projects.


Robert is the only completely, unabashed, pro-renter candidate.Cambridge is a city of 2/3rds renters, with a council that is very pro-homeowner. Robert believes in Rent Control; will fight for Rent Stabilization, a Cambridge Legal Fund for tenants facing eviction or landlord disputes, and wants to expand housing assistance to those residents who are facing displacement. 

Affordable Housing

Robert believes that a city as wealthy as Cambridge should not have a homeless population. The council has failed to provide adequate funding for the Cambridge Housing Authority, instead preferring to push off building affordable housing due to homeowner concerns with regard to property value. In my first term in office I will half the home-insecure population by finally proportioning the funds required to solve this issue, instead of just performatively hand waving at the problem and hoping it goes away. (*This is what most other candidates or incumbents do. It doesn’t work.)


Robert wants Cambridge to join other enlightened cities in their push to make public transportation free. This is the way of the future; one of the best ways to combat wealth inequality is to provide services that disproportionately tax poor or middle income residents. One big step within the council power is to provide free transportation services. (Buses and trains)


Robert does not believe in the current police hegemony. Too much power resides with the police commissioner; given the disproportionate share of power, this position should be held by a civilian. Robert also believes in complete civilian review boards as well as transitioning many police services (such as looking over construction work) to better equipped professionals.