Today the Vision Zero Coalition questionnaire was made public.

Today the Vision Zero Coalition questionnaire was made public.

Can be found here:

Though many challengers and incumbents alike agree on most issues, there are 2 issues where I stand out. I want to use this post to explain my position – why I’m right – and why people should be more worried about these issues:

1. I am the lone candidate in opposition to additional surveillance by the city of Cambridge. That every other candidate is in support of more surveillance, more funding for the police state, and additional measures to infringe on us is terrifying. Implementing cameras to document every minor infraction bloats a needless police budget, is a regressive cost we all pay, and also serves to restrict freedom. It’s a loss across the board.

2. I am also the lone candidate who opposes a voucher system to address housing. Much like we see with charter schools and voucher programs, this is a highly neoliberal solution that has time and time again failed. Vouchers will raise the price for the median renter while still failing to accommodate those who are housing insecure or under-served.I am proud of my answers. I am proud that I am taking the lead on such monumental issues of our community – policing measures and addressing the housing crises.

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